Facts: Tuition Program

We offer all payment types.
At-a-glance, we offer: dashboard reporting, 24/7 phone support, instant chat and text messaging, one-click Spanish translation, the leading mobile solution, and the most powerful student information system on the market.

You will pay a yearly startup fee of $48.00
Many schools have you pay a re-enrollment fee every year and we do not, so this can be thought of as this

There is no charge for the auto draft section of this program. It will draft on the scheduled time that you select.

If you choose to use credit card, then you will have the standard 2.5% credit card usage fee.This is standard whenever you use credit card.

Visa does not participate in this. So you will need to use another card.

 If for some reason, you are unable to pay on your scheduled date, please speak with the Director three days before it is due to draft and the date can be adjusted or you can call the company.  

*** As long as it is not the last business day of the month that you cannot pay on.

If the company tries to auto draft out and the funds are not there you will receive a surcharge the same as if you have a bounced check.

Please remember that this is not only for the benefit of the preschool, but also for you as parents. You will have the convenience of paying from home and if there is a shortage of funds, you can use your credit card to fill the void. You may even be able to earn credit card points by using your credit card, as an additional bonus.

Here is the number to the company if you have any more questions that have not been addressed. is the number to the company if you have any more questions that I did not address: