St. John school children will be exposed to an environment in which there is an opportunity to grow an develop emotionally, socially, cognitively, physically and spiritually. Preschool is a gradual adjustment from home to school life, a place where children can have a comfortable and happy time away from home with caring teachers. While they are developing, they are also learning about God, who loves and cares for them. Our primary concern is that your child will grow into a personal relationship with Jesus, and come to know him as their Best Friend, a friend they can talk to any time.

The curriculum at St. John Lutheran Preschool consists of a range of learning activities from concrete learning in centers, reading and writing activities. We also teach art, self- expression, math and science. The children also learn basic bible study which is included in their weekly lesson plan. The children also attend chapel once a week and are given a basic 15-20 minute bible study by The Pastor of our church. The curriculum also includes music and some physical education. Our staff plan and implement a developmental appropriate curriculum for each age level.